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We need your light!

Let's get into our hearts and play together!


We are creating a community of caring individuals who are coming together to: 

  • explore how to bring more love into our lives 

  • learn to live life as open-hearted beings

  • support and inspire one another through our mutual sharing and heart-felt connection

  • transform our world through loving kindness

"Just Be Love"

Online Mentorship Program
6 Weeks beginning April 12, 2022
and running for 6 consecutive weeks
Tuesday  12-1:30 pm Eastern Time on Zoom

$111.00 (Scholarships available - no one is turned away because of inability to pay) 

Contact me voyageofyoursoul@gmail.com

What Is Inspirational About Love…

  • Love is TRANSFORMATIVE and is what our world needs more than anything right now

  • Love is a DIVINE ENERGY that lives within us. We just need to ACTIVATE it!

  • With PRACTICE we will become the light bearers we are meant to be

  • Love is a CHOICE in every moment

  • With INTENTION, we can all become LOVE WEAVERS (Heart-Centered beings dedicated to transforming our world one loving act at a time)

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  • Are you upset with what seems to be an out of control world?

  • Are you tired of feeling isolated and in need of a spiritual community?

  • Do you hunger to join an enriching community of other compassionate beings?

  • Do you seek a generative dialogue with others who are also on a path of healing?

  • Are you ready to create a life you love and assist in the transformation of our world?

    Well, you have found the answer to all your concerns, LOVE! Become a Love Weaver and make a difference in transforming our world into the kind of place you can be proud of.

What You Will Learn…

  • sharing love feels good and empowers you to share more of your light with the world

  • self-love (self-care) is the most important gift you can give yourself and those around you

  • fears can become transformed into positive actions

  • kindness and compassion are easy once you shift your perspective

  • there are many spiritual tools you can call upon in your time of need

  • others care about you and want to support you

  • enjoying a sacred community is empowering

  • becoming open hearted, even though sometimes scary, is well worth the effort

  • inside you lives a powerful superhero, a love weaver, just waiting to be called upon to serve humanity

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Week 1  January 8, 2022
What is Love and Why Choose Love

What is a Love? What's the science behind the heart? Who do you Choose to Be in the time you have left in this life? What is your mission? I AM presence – you are divinity – you are light!


Week 2  January 15, 2022
Inner Tools for Shining One’s Light

Loving Tools include: Imagination, Meditation, Mindfulness, Journaling, Reframing Perceptions. How can we use our tools for creating a life filled with the energy of love? Where do we get stuck? How can we recreate the life we truly want to live?


Week 3  January 22, 2022
Honoring Self 

Self Love is Self-Care, We will explore the Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono, I Am Discourses, and your Soul Powers, the 5 A's: Awareness, Attention, Attitude, Acceptance, Action.


Week 4   January 29, 2022
Love (Soul) vs Fear (Ego) 

What is your soul? What is your ego? How do they impact your life? How do I know who is speaking? Who do I choose to listen to from here on? 


Week 5   February 5, 2022
Creating Your Inner Love Weaver Personality

What is a Love Weaver Inner personality?  Are you ready to own your power?What are your innermost values? What changes will you make in how you are living your life? It’s a journey of small steps or leaps if you wish – it’s up to you. 


Week 6   February 12, 2022
Loving Kindness as a Spiritual Practice

How can the energy of love change you? Change our relationships? What is this Soul Journey we call life? What is a Spiritual Practice and why is it so important? How do I consciously connect to divinity? Love is a Choice in every moment. Overview of our practices.

Each gathering will begin with a grounding meditation, followed by experiential learnings, journaling, conversations, music and sharings. It will end with sacred practices to experiment with during the week.

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  • Relationship Oriented: You will likely make deep friendships with people from around the world.

  • Based on "Presencing": You will participate in deepening practices such as meditation, journaling, and break-out groups to meet and share with others what is present for you in the moment. You will be encouraged to speak (and listen) from your heart.

  • Experiential: Each week you will be offered one or more practices to play with during the week. Journaling is encouraged to deeply explore one’s inner being.

  • Non-judgmental: Each participant must agree to certain rules of engagement in our gatherings to ensure a sacred space where everyone feels safe to share their voice.

  • Unique: We will be working with various spiritual traditions and practices, such as I Am Discourses, A Course of Love, Ho’oponopono, Buddhist Philosophy and more.

Circle Agreements.png

Each person in the course must consent to our “Circle Agreements” which are:

  • Be fully present, giving your attention to whomever is speaking

  • Limit outside noises, and distractions by creating a sacred private space for the course

  • Speak from your heart about whatever is coming up for you in this moment

  • Respect each other, and even if we disagree, acknowledge that everyone has a right to their opinion

  • This is a sacred community and confidentiality is required

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Janet Dwinells, MA


My Work in the World

For the last 30 years I've been a spiritual counselor, soul coach and alchemical hypnotherapist. I've taken people deep inside, providing them a safe space in which to explore their inner landscape. Together we've transformed the old stagnant beliefs, habits, perceptions, and energies into new resources for living a full and happier lifestyle. 

I am a seasoned listener, a peaceful presence and allow spirit to work through me. I trust that the people who take this course will be guided to do so. 

For the last few years, I’ve been joining many online programs dedicated to deep listening with one's full presence, speaking from one's heart, and engaging with the community in pods and dyads. One such program is “New Republic of the Heart” created and run by Terry Patten. Based on Integral Theory, it was a stretch for me (as an introvert) to speak in a crowded Zoom call of 50+ people. 

What I found however was that dedicating myself to showing up with my heart in hand and speaking my truth in that moment was both empowering and liberating. It’s astounding to me that I have overcome my fear of speaking up and made so many new friends from England to Australia and back to the USA. And now I have invitations to visit these incredible places for free! And it’s all because I took a chance on SAYING YES TO LIFE.

I’ve enjoyed working one-on-one and in small workshops but it’s time to share myself with a larger group. I invite you to join me for a loving adventure. If you're ready, please say yes to your life! As I always say, “If not now, when?”

For my formal training please see my bio

I invite you to take this journey with me - for love is a practice and together, we can make this world a better place for ourselves and others.

~ Janet

Guarantee: If you're not 100% satisfied with what the program offers, just reach out to me and I'll happily give you a full refund. If you're not satisfied, I want to know so that I can learn how to better serve your needs.

So my question to you is... Will You Join Us and become a Love Weaver?
The world needs you now more than ever! 

 Please know that you are more than welcome.

I truly believe the way out of this darkness is to come together and shine our lights brighter than ever.


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Janet has a wealth of wisdom that comes from a place of authentic strength, compassion and love. She shares her own life experiences as she brings her "Just Be Love Community" to life.

There was a flow to the six-week course and I felt held in a safe loving space with powerful tools to focus on and embody my love essence. Always returning to the powerful question what would love do/be now?


I know this course is supporting so many people already and feel blessed to be part of the Just Be Love Community. If you are reading this, say yes to just being love and you will experience the gift of Janet and this magical community.

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The great thing about this course is that it's really easy to "Just Be Love" when you set your intention and feel the energy of everyone else.


I loved coming every week into our community and felt a real kinship with everyone in the group. 

The practices were so helpful each week to keep me on track! 

Thank you so much!



“'Just Be Love' is a must, in these times of major worldwide changes. It is like a lighthouse in the fog that helps steer the participants back to inner peace.


Janet gently guides the individuals to explore new inner realms while creating a safe cocoon of trust by her genuineness and transparency.

She combines her professional and intuitive skills to lead us back to the awareness of our Best Inner Self, using experiential exercises.